Toddler weight

Toddler weight became our joke at home, because I was always saying I need to lose the baby weight. Until we realized, “Oh shit, Luke is going to be 2 in 3 months”, then we started to joke that we needed to lose the toddler weight.

Over the years as a coach I have helped so many people transform their lives, lose weight, feel better, have more energy and self love, including myself. However, for awhile I think I was hiding behind the fact that I have a kid, that I have a special needs kid, that I was not racing anymore etc, just to get away of not taking care of myself.

One night, I was exhausted not only because of a busy day but because I was not taking care of myself properly. Like I usually say, “You can only change what you are aware of” and that night I became aware that I needed a change. A few things came in my mind:

  • Life is a mirror, and I started to think what kind of mirror am I going to be for my son. I know he will need my help more than most kids, therefore I need to be an example for him, the best example I can be.
  • I need to perform. Yes, I am not racing anymore but I needed to perform in LIFE, by that means I need energy to not only help Luke, but also take care of business and the house.
  • I know my case might be a bit more intense than normal, however that is why I need to pay even more attention to my health, because Luke needs me.

Back when I was 23 and I changed my life, I wanted to be happy and healthy. For some reason I thought that professional athletes were super healthy and it’s not really true (that is why there are so many DRUGS involved in sports) and I saw with my own eyes. I pushed myself so hard that I started to lose my health. Therefore my transformation now was different, my main goal is to be a healthy and strong Dad.

Skinny and unhealthy athlete 
2003-260 pounds
Smoker, overweight, unhappy.

My experience as an athlete was extremely beneficial so I went back to the basics. I went back from when I dropped 100 pounds, and I started to apply my own method, however I started to apply an upgraded method. I started to combine what I did for weight lost with the mindset of an athlete. One thing I constantly did as an athlete was to apply c.o.r.e: Change what needs to change, optimize what is working, reconnect with your true self, by doing that results will come (exceed).

As I embrace this journey a few things happened:

  • Life is definitely a mirror. As I started to get stronger, I notice that Luke was getting stronger as well. That is a true story, the pass 10 weeks, which is exactly the amount of time I started the journey, we all notice I significant increase in his energy levels and strength (mentally and physically).
  • My life performance has increased quite a bit. I am no longer exhausted, in the end of the day, and the ability to deal with stress have improved dramatically.
  •   As your health improve everything else start to improve as well. However, normally we go to a shift period, where it seems to be harder, and that is because the energy is shifting. After the shift things will start improving quite a bit.

As I started to help more parents, I realized that we all go thru this phase and that toddler weight can be very real. Few things we must realize.

Healthier, energetic Dad, however work is not done yet!
  • Kids are energetic, and if you are constantly tired you gonna miss a lot in your kids life, and time does not go back.
  • Self love is not selfish. In order to love others you need to love yourself as well, yes is a little “fashion” but is true. Most of us have a hard time, but we must remember if we don’t take care of ourselves we won’t be able to take care of our kids. If we want to teach our kids to take care of themselves we need to be a good mirror.
  •  Health is a combination of things that incorporates mind, body and soul.
  • We all go thru life challenges as a parent, but how you feel and how your health is will make a huge different in how you face that challenge. By that means, if you reduce the stress with things you can control, will be a lot easier to face the stress of things you cannot control.
  • Kids are the future, therefore is really important that you are a beautiful mirror for them, mind, body and soul. Just like Gandhi once said “be the change you want to see in the world”.


Unfashion Yourself,

Rich Wygand


Challenging your belief system

Challenging the belief system is probably one of my favorite thing to do, for some reason I was always attracted to this topic. First let’s look it up the meaning of belief:

  1. an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
  2. trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.


Now, when I talk about belief I am not necessary talking only about spirituality, but I am also talking about our general belief. The reality is when we are born, we are free, by that means no one has put limit on us. However, there are certain universal “rules” that we can’t change, such as gravity. At the same time there are plenty of “rules” that we can challenge because we learned that way, but we have free will so we can change.That is why I am a huge fan of challenging the status quo.

Over the years I was called radical many many times, just because I have challenged many things, and/or changed my opinion based on experiment. I do have a hard time understanding why I am called radical, just because I am challenging certain concepts of: Health, Spirituality, Work and Family traditions (is just me being unfashion). For me, when you are searching for the best version of yourself there is absolutely nothing radical about it. In fact is the totally opposite, as long as your intentions are from pure love, and you are doing your best, why not go all out?

As I mention above we are born free from beliefs, and over the years we learn certain things, from family, friends and society (this forms your belief system). The big problem is when we are told: “that is the way we have always be done” and do not leave any space for change, or to optimize. Looking back in my life, if I had not challenging those beliefs I would not have reached anything.I would probably be on a desk unhappy and depress. A big example was when I said I would be a pro athlete, do you know how many people laugh and said that it would not happen? I lost count, but it was a lot of them. I was only able to do it because I challenge those beliefs, and I did not accepted as true. It was not easy to fight the odds, but it was worth it. The truth is, my “radical way” and my determination were key in that process.status-quo

The problem is that change is uncomfortable. Do you remember growth spurs? New teeth? or even working out? All of these changes can be uncomfortable, in fact, change create can create a chemical imbalance in the body which generates an uncomfortable feeling, and because of that people fear change instead of embracing them.

The best thing it can be done is accept that life will change, accept that life is always changing and is inevitable. Realize that change is a good thing, and to face the uncomfortable feeling will be much better than resisting change.

Now when it comes to you own belief system, you need to go deep within yourself. This is what I did in every major change in my life: I applied the c.o.r.e method (change, optimize, reconnect and exceed). What I do is to go in the major aspects of life and see what is working and what is not working for me on that time. If is not working: I change, once you find what works for you, see if can make it better by optimizing. If it does work than you just need to optimize. Now in all cases I suggest reconnecting, because that will allow you to see if is align with your true self (or soul contract)order_FO811C00FD345_1_. This is exactly why I was able to perform at my best even with no natural talent. I tested many many things and I saw what didn’t work  and I changed, and what was working I optimized.

The method can be applied in every aspect of your life. Most important is, trust the process, stick to your guns and don’t let anything limit you, if you think is possible than you are half way there!

Unfashion Yourself,

Rich Wygand


Daddy baby weight

Well is true, Dads do gain weight during pregnancy and is normal. According with some studies one third of the Dads gain weight during pregnancy. I first heard of this back in 2005 when my physiology teacher told me that after marriage and baby 80% of men will gain weight. However, most of them do not acknowledge this.

My first thought when “we” got pregnant was: “This won’t happen to me”. Well it did, and I actually did my last race way above my ideal race weight. The coming of a new baby can be stressful for a few reasons:

  1. You are going to be responsible for someone else life.
  2. You will have to make important decisions.
  3. You are going to have whole new person in the house, normally you go from 2 people to 3 people and that can be overwhelming.

According to some studies I read, they claim that sympathy weight is not a myth due to the fact that when the mother have cravings, the dad will eat the same things, but my wife did not have any cravings and we ate pretty clean during the 9 months (actually 10 months- 40 weeks) and I still gain weight. So why is that?

Kissing the belly, after my wife did a mile open water swim at 30 weeks pregnant. Watch the video HERE!

Well,  first for me was the anxiety. I was so anxious to meet Luke that my overeating habits just re-flourish from my old days. Second, the fact that I wanted to be a good dad and not pass to my son my limiting beliefs, made me be really hard on myself. Third, I wanted to have everything ready for him, such as room, house etc; I wanted to be as close to perfect environment as possible. Every dad knows, building stuff at home can stressful with those useless instructions. Well at least I get super annoyed, specially when something comes missing. Fourth, and this is might be more “out there” for most people. I am a highly intuitive and sensitive, and in my case I believe that I knew what was coming. I believe deep in the end that I knew my son was going to have his challenges. I knew I was ready for the challenge, and that is why he choose me as his Dad; but still I was a bit scared. Note; every human will have challenges, some are visible some are not, it’s part of life. That being said, I believe I knew that my son would have some visible challenges.

From the middle of the pregnancy I started to manage a bit better, and my weight was stable. So this is what I did:


  1.  I started to meditate again, to control my anxiety. Meditation has been strong in my life for awhile and in all transformations I did meditation was a key practice.
  2. Meditation is great tool to quite your mind and get in touch with your true self.
  3. I created an email for my son, and I started to write for him with the things I was doing and about other things in life. I wrote about how building his room, about our family, our dog etc. That helped me start a stronger energetic connection with him.
  4. I increase the connection with him in the belly. I started to talk him just like he was already out. I played my favorite songs, and did my “stupid jokes”.
  5. I realized that kids have their own plan or like I wrote before, they have their soul contract, and I do believe that kids choose their parents.

Once I implemented all that I was able control my weight gain quite a bit and made life easier and my anxiety much better. The reality is, moms get an instant connection with the kid because she is caring the child for 10 months. The child listen to everything the mom do, think and eat, dads on the other hand kind of have to strengthen that connection. After birth is a different case, however this is a topic for another post!

Unfashion Yourself,

Rich Wygand- A Dad on a mission!





The beauty of the DARK SIDE!

We often confuse the value of the dark side, we think that the dark side is something bad, when in fact the dark side is something good and very valuable.

I know is sounds weird to read that, correct? But the dark side is our teacher. Let me explain a bit. I started to realize that back in 2003, when I found myself depressed, super overweight, smoking a lot and drinking a lot. I realized that if didn’t face my fears I was not going to go anywhere. Basically I realized that in order to grow I needed to face my dark side. On that time I was really afraid of heights, so I used that fear as analogy for my life, and I thought if I can face that fear I can overcome other things; so I went hang gliding! I used that fear as power to make a change in my life. face your demons

When I did my first ironman, I was super scared and did not know how that would be. I was full of doubts and fears. I did the race, I sucked, but when I crossed that finish line I realized it was not bad. From that day on, Ironman became my life not only racing itself but as an analogy as well. Yes, every single day in my career I learned something about myself. As an athlete you often have to reinvent yourself,  break your own limitations, you have to find quick solutions for adversities that show up (training or racing), just like in real life.

This weekend my wife had an emergency, she got admitted into the hospital with a the possibility of a bone infection. When that happened two lessons came into play:

  1. I needed to stay with my son and manage all his needs by myself. Technically a kid with a tracheostomy  needs to have two people in the house regardless. Therefore the situation made the best out of me and I learned to adapt and get it done by myself. It is worth to say that the opposite happened to my wife a few months ago, when I got sick, so she already learned how to do all by herself, this time was my turn.
  2. Talking to my wife about her issue, and the fact that the doctor talked about amputation, we all realized if happens we will do the best out of that, the same way we deal with Luke’s challenges. (FYI the amputation possibility is last resort).


When I started to coach athletes for ironman, I warned them: You will face your demons! I remember when I first said that, one athlete turned to me and said: “You are crazy”! The same night after his race he said: “I am glad you said that, because I did face my demons (at least some of my demons) on the race, but I was prepared to see them in a different way.”

My whole point is, you can choose to see the challenges in life, your fears, your dark side as something bad or you can look at the dark side as your teacher. When you have the perception of the dark side being something good, something that is teaching you, you will move from why me to why not me. The moment you do that, magic happens; You learn, you grow, you level up!

Therefore, face your demons, put your beast mode on and go for it because light can only shine when is dark!

Feel Good,

Rich Wygand




I do believe we come to this life to learn, we come to learn many different things since we are all unique. I also believe that kids bring the parents the most valuable lessons, as I extremely believe we choose our parents. Family is our #1 teachers.

In my book I talk a lot about life lessons, mostly spiritual because again I honestly believe we are energy beings, and all lessons are spiritual lessons. It is worth to remember that I am not at any point religious, I just have a strong spirituality. I believe in energy (“life force”), as I learned as a Reiki Master (I will write more on that later).


When I first started writing the book I kept having a hard time to where and how I should finish, specially because the lessons will never stop. However, today I started a new cycle in my life, and I believe it will be a good period to close the book. At least the first book, who knows if there will be more than one book or not?

Anyways, today I started school for respiratory therapy (RT). I wanted to go back to school for awhile but I was not totally sure of what to study. Luke has brought me many lessons, and one of them was to learn a lot about RT. In our stay in the hospital I not only learned about RT but I was always helping them do the therapies on Luke.

I choose RT because of many reasons, but main reason is to help people and families. I was literally fascinated with the RT work in the hospital. They literally saved Luke’s life in the first few seconds of his life. I am extremely grateful for this profession, and I am looking forward to work in the field. -respiratory-therapist-clipart-3084_1568.jpg

Life is a school with many lessons, if you don’t learn they will keep repeating over and over again, until you learn. I closed a beautiful cycle of lessons and I am starting another one, this time as a RT.

May the Force be with you!

Rich Wygand