Hi, I am Rich Wygand and SPECIAL is the title of my coming book, “My Journey from Ironman to Fatherhood”SND (1)

After many years racing Ironman professionally I was feeling that my life was not complete and I was looking for a deeper meaning for life, not only my life, but life in general. That’s when I realized I was ready to be a Dad, what I didn’t know that life had even better and greater plans for me.

Life brought me the mission of being Luke’s fatherĀ (Yes, star wars fan-Luke I am your father!), with that mission came lots of lessons and changes. I now run a foundation, I grew my spirituality, I became a writer but the truth is; I can tell you all the labels that I fit in, but the only one it matters is: I am a Dad, I am Luke’s Dad, and I am a special needs Dad.

With Gratitude,

Rich Wygand